What is Surfset?


beachfit baltimore - surf paddleSo, you see the boards…but what is Surfset anyway?

That’s right, we didn’t invent Surfset at BeachFit! Surfset Fitness was founded when a man named Mike Hartwick graduated university and started playing hockey. You see, he took summers off in California where he’d surf for three months straight and, while he loved the idea of surfing as a training tool for hockey, he couldn’t handle the cold months in a wetsuit. One day, determined to mimic the same feeling he got with his surfing workout, he brought his surf board into the gym and placed on instability balls…and VOILA! The idea of Surfset was born.

Surfset is meant to provide a fun, dynamic physical and mental challenge for each participant – encouraging the body and mind to work together to promote coordination, strength, stability, aerobic conditioning and agility.

Surfset provides a full body workout drawing from real surf movements


The Surfset board provides an unstable surface to increase fat burn, muscle toning and balance. Our classes help you work smarter, not harder by creating efficient, full body trainings. Surfset is a wonderful workout because it: 

  • Provides a full body workout
  • Increases core strength
  • Gives options for High intensity interval training (HIIT) – Our surf classes and moves provide an easy entry into HIIT style workouts, giving you improved athletic and fat burning ability

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