Meet our new Instructors

It’s springtime and the flowers aren’t the only thing growing – our amazing #TeamBeachFit instructor squad is expanding! We’re thrilled to be welcoming a handful of new instructors to the family this April.

Dan Hill headshot square - beachfit baltimore
Emma Lucaci headshot square - beachfit baltimore
Oksana Koval square - beachfit baltimore
Grace Houser headshot square - beachfit baltimore

Dan will be teaching TRX Yoga and TRX Rip & Roll, starting on April 13th. You can join Dan in class at the following times:
Monday 7:30AM TRX Yoga
Monday 8:30AM Rip & Roll
Friday 7:30AM Rip & Roll
Friday 9:00AM TRX Yoga

Emma will be teaching Beach Cycle, starting April 8th. You can join Emma in class at the following times:
Monday 6:30PM Beach Cycle
Tuesday 8:00AM Beach Cycle
Sunday 10:00AM Beach Cycle

Grace will be teaching Beach Camp, starting April 4th. You can join Grace in class at the following times:
Wednesday 6:30PM Beach Camp
Saturday 8:00AM Beach Camp

Oksana will be teaching Beach Burn and TRX, starting April 4th. You can join Oksana in class at the following times:
Wednesday 8:00AM Beach Burn
Thursday 8:00AM Beach Burn
Thursday 5:00PM Beach Burn
Saturday 11:00AM TRX


Learn more about our new instructors and our entire team at our #TeamBeachFit page! 

Check out our BeachFit class schedule and sign up for our new classes right now! And stay tuned for even more updates on classes, instructors and special events!