Mindbody BOLD Conference

Mindbody BOLD Conference San Diego - BeachFit Baltimore

We’re bringing some sunshine back from the west coast! This past week, some of our team attended the Mindbody BOLD Conference out in San Diego and we’re pumped to give you some insight into our learning…

The BOLD Conference was created to help bring fitness and wellness professionals together into one space, offering classes, seminars and spaces to help people learn and connect! As a small studio, we’re always looking to make things better – for our clients, our team and our community. This was a perfect opportunity for us to get new ideas, hear about new trends and find new resources.

We had the incredible opportunity to listen to two amazing keynote speakers – former First Lady Michelle Obama AND sports legend Billie Jean King! Of course, between the two highlighted speakers, we absorbed mountains of inspiration. But we were also reminded of something important – we’re not in this alone. Running for office, running around tennis practice, running a small studio in Baltimore… Both speakers stressed the importance of working in and with your community to make your corner of the world a better place.

Mindbody BOLD Conference Michelle Obama - BeachFit Baltimore

One of our other favorite moments with Billie Jean King was when she spent almost five minutes non-stop spouting off some of her inspirational quotes, sayings and tips – we could barely write them down fast enough! One of our favorites was a short list…

Top list for people to have inner & outer success:
Relationships are everything
Never stop learning
Be a problem solver

There were, of course, other amazing speakers and presentations throughout the Conference. Their expertise and passion shined through each session as we heard about the future of video, team building, corporate wellness, inventory management, client rewards and much more. We made new friends and connections too! We talked to a new corporate wellness resource who may become a fun partner (stay tuned!),  found out more about a potential new email partner, discussed a rewards program…so much to take in!

It’s important to see what other studios and professionals are doing in other markets to help us grow in our own! We care deeply about our BeachFit studio community and we’re always researching trends and new ways to make BeachFit betterthis time we could just do it in California!  To sum it up, we’re excited to bring all the fun things we learned back to Baltimore and to our BeachFit team!

Mindbody BOLD Conference 2018 - BeachFit Baltimore