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#IAMBEACHFIT Challenge Details

Posted: February 1, 2016

iambeachfit_challenge_tableYou go hard, at work and at home. You put in long days, sometimes starting before dawn and ending after sunset. You push yourself in everything you do, even when you’re tired and sweaty and cold and don’t want to anymore. Sometimes you may doubt yourself, but you never give up. Most of all, you inspire others with your ambition, confidence and strength – probably without even knowing it.

Well, we know it. We know how amazing our BeachFit family is. And we want to reward you and everyone in our amazing community! That’s what the #iambeachfit Challenge is all about!

Fitness has changed our lives for the better and we’re always amazed when we see it changing the lives of people in our community. We love to see you crushing your goals. We love to see you having fun and getting excited about fitness with us.

We’re celebrating that fun, inspiring, beach spirit with the #iambeachfit Challenge.
The Challenge beings on Monday, February 1st, so get your membership today and get ready to rock!

What is the #iambeachfit Challenge?
During the #iambeachfit Challenge, BeachFit members will get points for participating in different activities – everything from liking us on Facebook to joining for special events! Each week, we will have different contests to win mini prizes (e.g. one week you could win for attending the most classes, another week you could win for posting the best workout selfie on Instagram). One grand prize winner will be chosen to receive a trip to Miami, Florida for them and one guest. The Challenge will last for three months (2/1/16-4/30/16). A grand prize winner will be announced in May 2016.

How do I participate?

Step 1: Sign up (visit BeachFit in person or sign up online!)

Step 2: Starting on Monday Feb 1, go go go!

NOTE: It’s not all about the points (see below) but those will be used for different weekly contests – we’ll be sending you an email and posting on our social media pages each week to tell you what contest will be happening that week, how to enter and what you can win!

New to BeachFit? No worries. Everyone starts in the same place on February 1st! Start piling up your points by trying new classes, sharing on social media and more! 

How do we get points?

Are you working toward a goal? Tell us about it! The BeachFit team wants to help you work toward those goals! Tell us what your goal is and how you hope BeachFit can help you – it can be building your fitness friends, getting out of bed instead of hitting snooze or whatever you want to achieve!

  • Set a goal (1)
  • Post your goal on social media, tag #iambeachfit (3)
  • Check in on your goal using #iambeachfit on social media (3)

To be entered to win the weekly prizes, you need to have a BeachFit package (class pack, monthly membership). To be entered to win the grand prize, you need to me a monthly member of BeachFit Baltimore. ClassPass members are not eligible to win.
Sign up to become a BeachFit member here! 

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