Five Benefits of Group Fitness

TRX group fitness - beachfit baltimoreIn the world of fitness, there are millions of options presented to you. It’s overwhelming, we know. It’s hard to figure out where is the right place for you and what is the right workout. If you’re just starting out, there’s often little direction on what is good for your body and your fitness goals. As a small studio with fun group fitness options and a passionate, educated team, BeachFit Baltimore presents a place for you to increase your fitness (and fun) levels in a way that’s catered to your goals! But why are group fitness classes so good for you?

Here are some of a few ways you can benefit from group fitness classes:

  • They’re FUN! The energy of a group fitness class is insanely fun! From the upbeat music to the social conversations, it’s always a great time. Group fitness might be exactly what you need if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to exercise.
  • You’re more likely to go! Having a partner, or partners, in your fitness journey can help keep you more accountable. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded, motivated people, not to mention an encouraging and knowledgable instructor. The camaraderie and social inclusion factors help give you psychological support in a physical setting. Even when that early alarm goes off and you debate your workout enthusiasm, you’ll quickly get excited to see your friend(s)!
  • You can watch your growth! Whether your goals are cardiovascular improvement, muscle growth, weight loss, flexibility, or a combination…continued attendance at group fitness classes can help you monitor and measure your growth. Although exact moves are always changing, it’s helpful to attend the same/similar classes to watch your form and understanding change. Check out your form and angle when you start in TRX, then check back on your fifth visit – we bet you’ll be stronger and wiser because you’ve committed to learning more about that workout!
  • They’re great for levels! There’s little planning you need to do when attending a group fitness class. In all of our BeachFit classes, our instructors are trained to provide multiple modifications to help you make the workout right for you. Each class begins with a warmup and stretch to properly raise your heart rate before physical activity and each class ends with a cool down to help you stretch your muscles after a solid workout. You just have to show up and participate! *NOTE: For some of our more advanced classes like Surf, we do offer a totally separate Rookie Surf class for you to start with!
  • It’s quick & fits your schedule! With a run time of just 50 minutes, classes are an easy way for you to get it done! Time constraints of work and life are often an obstacle for people getting in a workout. With early morning and evening classes, we can fit consistently into your schedule when you have limited time!