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beachfit baltimorePrivate Training

One-on-one training exists just between you and your trainer. This is the most personalized fitness training option available; it begins by discussing your needs and goals with your trainer.

Your trainer will then work directly with you to create and implement a program to help you reach your goals safely and effectively. This is highly recommended for someone who is new to exercising, isn’t sure where to start or what to do next, is having trouble reaching their goals, or wants very individualized attention in their fitness journey.

To work with a personal trainer at BeachFit Baltimore, we request that you start by filling out the below information and we will contact you to schedule your complimentary appointment. We want everyone who comes to us to have a fantastic experience AND to reach their goals; we want to help you start the right way by learning about you and pointing you in the right direction.

Is private training at BeachFit something you’re interested in? Please fill out the following information and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!

Semi-Private Training

When you opt for semi-private training, you have extremely personalized workouts (just like in private training), but you’re sharing the time with your trainer with one other trainee.

When you workout in the semi-private setting, you, your trainer, and one other person (friend, workout partner, or someone we set you up with!) will work together to complete challenging, efficient, motivating, and FUN workouts created specifically to help you reach your goals! Should yours and your partner’s goals be similar?  Maybe.  But it’s not required to work together. You may come to BeachFit with a partner in mind or request that we set you up with someone that we feel is a good match!

To work with a personal trainer in a semi-private setting, please fill out the below information and we will get back with you shortly!