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The Exercise From Hell… That We Also LOVE

Posted: July 16, 2014

If I gave you one guess, I think you would probably get it.  What is it??

The Burpee, of course!!

Why is this the exercises from hell that we actually love to hate (and at the same time, hate to love)?!  Most of you probably know what a burpee is – but just in case, here is one quick demo of a burpee variation:

Okay so why is it that the burpee wins for such an amazing all-in-one exercise?  Well, I’ll be glad to tell you!!! :)

  1. In ONE movement, you’re developing strength, endurance, coordination and explosiveness.
  2. Core strength at it’s finest – a plank is one of the most perfect ways to work the entire core (not just the abs) and you’re completing an amazing plank with power in this move.
  3. Leg strength and sexy glutes!  I don’t care who you are – I know you agree with me that sexy glutes & stems are sought after by all.  Burpees will help get you there.
  4. Ripped chest & shoulders… why, hello!!!  In the burpee, you go down to a pushup (or all the way down to the floor) and have to get back up – chest and shoulders required!
  5. If you can do a burpee, you can also get up quickly after a fall.  This may sound silly, but it’s the damn truth.

Why do YOU burpee???  Tell me by commenting below!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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