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Exciting Stuff. That is All.

Posted: May 21, 2014

Our PARTY PLANNING is underway and we’re so excited to have you here Friday through Sunday, May 30th – June 1!  Friday’s kickoff will be a great way to check out the new studio, socialize with other BeachFitters, have some food and drinks, and just enjoy your Friday evening!!  Saturday will start at the normal 8:00am class time… and each class will go on as scheduled Saturday and Sunday, but with a special twist to each class.  What’s that, you ask?  Ummm… you’ll have to sign up and show up to find out!  And remember to RSVP for Friday by shooting an email to beachfit@beachfitbaltimore.com.

Upcoming stuff & things — be on the lookout for awesome pointers from me regarding fitness & nutrition topics that are commonly asked of me, and for my own suggestions and  tips on anything and everything health!  Tomorrow will be the first “TRAINER THURSDAY”.  Get. Pumped. Up.  I’ll be featuring the BOSU and a quick 4-move workout that will get your heart rate up, sweating madness, and feeling awesome by the end.

Memorial Day!  Proud to be an American, and stoked to offer an AMP-ed up class schedule on this upcoming Monday, May 26th!  Check it out here.

My random tip of the day…

Eat your broccoli! Why? Besides being such a yummy veggie (yes, I understand this statement is arguable), it’s also one that provides awesome FIBER, is LOW in calories, non-starchy (AKA low in carbs), makes you feel full, and – GET THIS – has phytochemicals that actually can help enhance FAT LOSS.  That’s what’s up!!!  YAY for broccoli!

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Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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