End of Summer Bucket List!

We have four more weeks of summer and we’re determined to squeeze all we can out of it! Here are the top 5 things on our instructors end-of-summer bucket list!

Happy hour at Sandlot! 
Sandlot opened in Fells Point earlier this summer and it’s one of our favorite local spots! With beautiful Baltimore views and tasty treats from local chef Spike Gierde, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset after class!

Farmer’s Market
There are so many amazing local farmer’s markets in town – we want to get to all of them! The Fell’s Point Farmers Market is just down the block from us. The Baltimore Farmer’s Market & Bazaar is under 83 is the best – full of tons of merchants! There are also opportunities to go to the Pratt Street Farmer’s Market or the BMI Farmer’s Market!

Standup Paddling
We love working our core on the Surfset boards, so it’s great that we can take those muscles out on the water with SUP boards! We love our friends at BMORE SUP and are hoping to get out there for one last paddle before the weather turns!

Pet Picnic at Fort McHenry 
As the mom of a new puppy, I’ve been looking for fun things to do outside with friends AND dogs. Fort McHenry is a great green space where you can bring food and BBQ with the pups! Hope we can get there to host a little outdoor fun.

Beach Bonfire
What’s better than going to the beach? Enjoying a fun, cozy beach evening with friends & family! We’re hoping to get to a nearby beach for a rocking bonfire!

The Fall Equinox technically hits on Friday, September 23, so we’ve got time to fulfill these and more! What’s on your end-of-summer bucket list?!

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