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BeachFit: Born

Posted: February 1, 2014

Hello and welcome to our blog!!  How was BeachFit born, you ask?  Well let us clue you in on the nitty-gritty details!

Ali and Maggie bonded over fitness for months while simultaneously becoming best friends.  Ali’s business-mind saw talent, energy and expertise she loved in Maggie, and Maggie saw a truly genuine, hard-working, and motivated businesswoman with big ideas and talent to match.  They had the idea to someday open a studio together, and that idea soon became a reality they were both motivated and driven to make happen.  This studio wasn’t going to be like any other.  It would have to be different.  It must be fun.  It must provide challenging workouts and only the best instructors and trainers.  It must CARE about the students and clients walking through their doors and provide an experience like no other.  No fluff, no BS sales.  Maggie and Ali needed to make this happen.  They were determined to provide the best and most diverse classes that they both believed in highly.  They would have quality, awesome apparel that you can’t find anywhere else in the area.  BeachFit Baltimore was born from these thoughts, beliefs, and standards.  Ideologies that will never be compromised and promises to our students and clients that will never be broken.

Maggie and Ali BeachFit