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Alison Schuch

Ali was born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore.  She grew up playing soccer and lacrosse at a very competitive level and went on to play Division 1 soccer in college at James Madison University.  You may recognize Ali from Fells Point Surf Co and The Corduroy Button, the two companies she started in pursuit of happiness.  As the story of life goes, a business work life distanced her from the fitness level she enjoyed through years of participation in multiple sports until she tried SurfSet at a local gym.  Ali loves the beach!  Everything about it!  The surf, the sand and the sun, so SurfSet seemed like the perfect match and boy was she right!  Taking SurfSet classes for months brought all of the fun fitness memories back from being in college and opened the door to trying more and more classes that were equally fun (uh hum…Turbokick!) and that provided a killer workout.

Ali loves fitness, but make no mistake she also needs it to be fun!  Being part of a team has always delivered success and the friendships that have been forged through her experiences at the gym are ones that cannot be easily broken.  Everyone needs a cheering section and a team to keep them motivated!  With the help of her number one supporter, her husband Nico, and the love and dedication of her family and dear friends she is excited to embark on this new project:  BeachFit Baltimore.  Come join our team!  We are certified in FUN!


Antoine Coleman

Antoine was born and raised here in Baltimore City, where he attended Dunbar Senior High School. There he played varsity sports, baseball and football. He moved on to receive his bachelor’s degree from Delaware State University in 2008, majoring in Sport Sciences. Determined to give back to his community after graduation, Antoine found employment at a local group home. Shortly after, Antoine became a performance coach within his family business, Dynamic Sports Performance (DSP) in 2010. His role as a performance coach helped him obtain a volunteer position with NFL PLAY 60. With NFL Play 60, Antoine shares his football knowledge with youth and adults throughout the State of Maryland. He worked events such as Baltimore Ravens Purple Evening, Hispanic Heritage Camp, Johh Harbaugh Clinic and many other community events sponsored by the Baltimore Ravens. Antoine love for sports and knowledge of physical fitness, lead him to obtain his AAAI/ISMA personal training certification. Antoine currently is a personal trainer with DSP and we now welcome him as our new Boot Camp instructor, here at BeachFit. He offers an energetic and motivating training technique, which is fun but effective!!


Eleni Polites

Born and raised in Baltimore, Leni is a fierce social media strategist by day, and is certified to kick your booty in the gym at night. Graduating from Loyola College with a BA in Communications has allowed Leni the opportunity to blaze her own trail in agency life - where she spends the majority of her time building a social media presence and determining a strategy for digital success for a variety of consumer brands. In her “off” time - this chick crushes it on the bike (and the board) and enjoys bringing you along for the ride!

Spoiler Alert: While “spin is her jam” she wasn’t always a huge fan of the bike...until she forced herself to stick with it just about 2 years ago. With some encouragement from one of Spinning’s® greatests (lookin’ at you JD), she committed to riding in a non-top, 24-hour charity spin last February and shortly thereafter kicked it up a notch and became a certified Spin® instructor. Now, it’s nearly impossible for her to hit pause on her weekly spin routine.

Leni is committed to owning a healthy lifestyle and embracing everything and anything that’s “fit and fabulous” while following her “gym now, cocktails later” mantra. Her high-intensity instructor style will, without a doubt, leave you dripping or glistening with sweat but she’s all about making the journey fun. From PowerCycle to SurfSET® and anything in between, get ready to get sweaty and have the time of your life! It’s how we do at #TeamBeachFit.


Emily Lobaugh

Emily Lobaugh grew up in south central Pennsylvania on a dairy farm and moved to Charm City in 2010, after graduating from Penn State University. Sports and fitness have always been a huge part of her life. Moving to Baltimore has opened up a window of opportunities to get more involved in the fitness community. Emily is a certified in LesMills RPM, SoulBody Barre and SoulBody Body Barre. Emily is also an avid running and has completed seven half marathons and one full marathon. Teaching has not only allowed her to share her passion for health and fitness, but to meet so many inspirational people along the way. She is excited to be a part of the BeachFit team and to bring this fitness community together. Remember to rise up, start fresh and see the bright opportunity in each new day!


Kate Rowe

Kate is a fully-adopted Charm City transplant. She grew up in South Jersey, going down the shore to play in the waves and stayed true to her beach spirit in the sunshine during her tenure at the University of Miami (FL). Along with the sun and surf, she has always loved sports and fitness. From the high energy sweat sessions to the family-like community of members, teaching at BeachFit really feels like home for Kate. In her spare time (of which there is often none), Kate is also the co-founder of the fitness and wellness group BMOREtoned and is the director of media relations at the National Aquarium. She has an aloha soul, an adorable dog and hustles every day to make this world a better place. Her favorite mantra is “Tie your shoes. Pack a good lunch. And remember that we’re all in this together” and she strives to bring that positive attitude to everything she does.


Kayleigh Gelles

Kayleigh Gelles has been a TRX Group Training & Cycle Instructor since 2015, after realizing that her fitness habits and communities were more than just hobbies - they were passions. By day, Kayleigh is a radio show producer, but when she isn't in the studio or at a concert, you can find her on the bike or rocking the suspension trainer. Her passion for music flows over into her class playlists (go ahead and ask her about The Killers tattoo on her arm) and her HIIT style workouts plus rocking beats will definitely get you sweating. She is certified to teach TRX Group Fitness and Cycle classes.



A classically trained dancer - KG's connection to music and movement is bone-deep. A lifetime spent "sweating & performing" made becoming an Instructor a natural choice. Now, a 15-year veteran to group exercise - KG remains fueled & inspired by her whole-hearted belief in the positive impact(s) a commitment to fitness can have on the overall wellbeing of her classes & community. Her certifications include: AFAA Primary Group Exercise, AFAA Cycling, SoulBody BodyBarre, Les Mills BODYSTEP (+ Advanced Instructor Qualification), Les Mills BODYPUMP, Les Mills BODYJAM (+Advanced Instructor Qualification), Les Mills RPM and Les Mills SH’BAM.


Lauren Mooney

Lauren is a registered nurse who found her passion for Surfset after returning from a travel nursing assignment in Florida. She's been a group instructor for seven years now. While living in Florida, she paddle-boarded often and loves teaching Surfset classes that she is back to Baltimore for the long haul. Lauren is also certified in Turbo Kick and Insanity. She loves high intensity interval training! :) 


Lori LaCombe

Originally from New Orleans, I relocated to Baltimore 15 years ago and fell in love with the people and the city. She has been a group fitness instructor since 1997. Dance has always been her passion and being in a professional Hip Hop dance company led her to teaching dance classes at a local gym -- from which a love for group fitness classes and weight training grew.  In 2004, she did her first Body Training Systems/Les Mills training and now has more than eight programs and personal training certifications.  She is certified to teach BodyStep, BodyJam, BodyAttack, RPM, Surfset, Gravity, Spin and Tabata Bootcamp. She is also an NSPA certified personal trainer. She believes that group fitness is one of the best forms of exercise available because it makes working out fun and more community based. When you see the same people each week or every other day, you create a bond that brings friendship, fun, positivity and fitness results.